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AI + Chatbot

Revolutionize your customer service!
The power of Artificial Intelligence and human sensibility working together!

Advances in Artificial Intelligence Technology have given companies the ability to automate customer services processes by engaging their customers in the Digital Transformation Age.


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How a chatbot makes your earnings increase:

Minimizing the agents’ manual or repetitive work, retaining the interactions;

Evaluating the attendants’ interactions to learn about the customers’ new intentions;

Reducing operational costs by automating the customer service processes;

Evolving the customer experience, providing fast service, and increasing operational efficiency.


An end-to-end


With XGEN Solutions, you can engage with customers in any channel of their choice, providing them a unique experience.


Omnichannel Platform enables just a single interface to attend all channels, integrating calls history.


Curator bot

Curatorial activities include many fields in several areas of a business. That is why chatbot Curator Professionals have an important role in the process of optimization and the continuous evolution of a chatbot.


Professionals study in depth Natural Language Processing (NLP), focusing on the development of high performances streams, minimizing misinterpretations, and analyzing the interactions, making a chatbot run more effectively.

Everything is done for better customer experience!

From the moment a chatbot starts its operation, customers interactions are evaluated and adaptations to the communication can be made.


It is also checked if the demands are solved by the chatbot and what subjects need to be migrated to a human agent.


A chatbot has an incredible capacity to leverage business, potentializing the work of a lot of areas in a Company, providing solutions to customers’ issues in a fast way.